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1. Spare Parts Catalogue
(1). Engine For Genset

4HT4.3-G21+H3916+20160901 4HT4.3-G22+H3917+20160907 4HT4.3-G23+H3918+20160902 4HTAA4.3-G22+H3922 12V135BZLD1+A0111 6ETAA11.8-G31 12V135AZD+A0023 12V135AZLD+A0024 12V135BZLD+A0026 12V135BZLD1+A0111 12V135BZLD2+A0025 G128ZLD+G0036 G128ZLD1+G0034 G128ZLD2+G0106 G128ZLD11+G0035 SC5D108D+DB0879 SC8D220D+DB0884 SC9D245D+DBL0885 SC9D280D2+DBL2134 SC9D340D2+DBL2382 SC27G830D2+GV0001 SC33W990D2+W0010 SC27G755D2 GV0004 SC27G830D2 GV0003 SC27G900D2+GV0302 SC33W1150D2+W0019+20150521 SC4H95D2+H2607-201603 SC4H115D2+H2608-201603 SC4H160D2+H2415-201603 SC4H180D2+H2161-201603 SC7H230D2+H2418-201603 SC7H250D2+H2162-201603 SC12E460D2+E2901-201606 SC13G355D2+G0234-201603 SC13G420D2+G0206-201603 SC15G500D2+GL0008-201606 SC25G610D2+GV0200-201606 SC25G690D2+GV0201-201606 SC33W990D2+W0034-201603 SC33W1150D2+W0035-201603

(2). Marine Engine

D683ZLCA9B+DB1432 G128ZLCa+G0096 G128ZLCa1+G0097 D683ZLCA3B+B1624514427 G128ZLCa2+G0099 G128ZLCa3+G0101 G128ZLCa4+G0059 SC15G420CA2+GL0002 SC15G460CA2+GL0007 SC15G500.1CA2+GL0006 SC15G500.1CA2+GL0214 SC15G500CA2+GL0009 SC33W680CA2+W0013 SC4H160CF2+H3278 SC7H230CF2+H2883 PARTS CATALOGUE OF D683 seires marine engine

(3). Engine for Construction Machinery

6C215-2+DB0952 6CL280-2+DBL0711 6CL320-2+DBL2667 C6121ZG61+C0075 SC9D220G2B1+DBL1803 SC7H125.1G2B+H2682 Parts Catalogue of 114 Series Engine for Construction Machinery

(4). Natural Gas Engine

SC9DT220D+DBLT2866 SC13GT260D2+GT0114 SC13GT304D+GT0111 SC13GT525D+GT0175

2. Engine Training Manual & Service Manual

Guide of fault diagnosis tool (EN&CN) Engine training manual-D114 series Engine training manual-E series Engine training manual-G128 series service Manual-W series engine-CN&EN Engine training manual-H series electronic control fuel system Service Manual –fuel system of H series engine for generator application Service Manual--ESG2002 series electronic governor (for SDEC engine application)

3. Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual

D9 & 6CL series engine operation and maintenance manual E series electric control engine operation and maintenance manual E series engine operation and maintenance manual-S00013984+01 H series engine operation and maintenance manual-S00013037+01 SC9DF series engine operation and maintenance manual-S00015345+01 Supplement to operation and maintenance manual for land use genset engine-00011695+03 Operation and MaintenanceManual-G Serial Diesel Engine (Improved Model)...