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Note: Standard reference conditions 27℃(90°F)Air Inlet Temp.152.4m(500ft)A.S.L60% relative humidity. Generating Set under 50℃ Air Inlet Temp. is available

Standard Specifications

The following 3 phase voltages are available:
50 Hz   415  400  380
240  230  220
60 Hz   460  440  416
266  254  240
Other voltages are available on request.
Cummins heavy duty industrial diesel engine.
Electronic governing standard on all 1000 series engines at 1500 / 1800 rpm.
Electrical System
24V system with battery charging alternator, axial type starter motor, high capacity maintenance free lead acid starting batteries, battery rack mounted on the generator set baseframe and heavy duty interconnecting cables with terminations.
Engine Filtration System
Sealed paper mesh type dry air filters. Cartridge type fuel filters and full flow lube oil filters. All filters have replaceable elements.
Stamford / Marathon alternators have been carefully selected to match the overload performance of the engine and incorporate the following: Screen protected and drip proof, self exciting, self regulating brushless alternator with fully interconnected damper windings, IC06 cooling system and sealed for life bearings, PMG fitted as standard on BCP 1000 models and above. Other brand alternator are available on request.
Insulation System
The Insulation system is Class H.
All windings are impregnated in either triple dip thermo-setting moisture, oil and acid resisting polyester or vacuum impregnated with a special polyester resin. Heavy coat of anti-tracking varnish for additional protection against moisture or condensation.
Electrical Characteristics
Electrical design in accordance with BS5000-3, VDE0530, NEMA MGI-22/32, IEC34, CSAC22.2-100, and AS1359
Automatic Voltage Regulator
The fully scaled automatic voltage regulator maintains the voltage within the limits of ±0.5% (±l% on HC 15 frame) from no load to full load including cold to hot variations at any power factor between 0.8 lagging and unity and unity and inclusive of a speed variation of 4.0%. Nominal adjustment is by means of a trimmer incorporated in the AVR.
Radio Interference
Suppression is in line with the provisions of VDE Class G:
Baseframe mounted, control panel of fabricated steel construction with a hinged lockable door. The control panel is isolated from vibration and comprises of the following instrumentation and controls: Oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, battery charge ammeter, voltmeter and selector switch, frequency meter and hours counter. A manual start control module and emergency stop button are fitted as standard.
Shutdown Protection Devices with Indicators for:
High coolant temperature, low oil pressure and over speed.
Fuel feed and return lines are fitted between the engine terminated at a bulkhead on the generator baseframe.
Radiator and cooling fan complete with protection guards, designed to cool the engine at specified  output, in air-on temperatures up to 45℃(113°F) Coolant drain valve and remote filling facility and site gauge are fitted as standard.
Baseframe/Fuel base tank
The complete generator set is mounted as a whole on a heavy duty fabricated, welded steel baseframe. The baseframe incorporates specially designed lifting eyes for sling operation. 8h running hour capacity fuel base tank is available.
The engine and alternator are directly coupled by means of an SAE flange so that there is no possibility of misalignment after prolonged use. The engine flywheel is flexibly coupled to the alternator and a full torsional analysis has been carried out to guarantee no harmful vibration will occur in the assembly.
Anti-Vibration Mounts
Anti-vibration mounts are supplied pre fitted between the engine/alternator combination and the baseframe for generators up to and including BCP880S. AVM'S will be supplied loose for site installation between the baseframe and floor on all other generator combinations.
Safety Guards
The fan, fan drive and battery charging alternator drive are fully guarded for personnel protection. A stone guard protects the radiator core from accidental damage.
The generator set is designed and constructed for installation in a weatherproof building. Various types of weatherproof and sound attenuated ISO containers are available.  
A full set of operation and maintenance manuals and circuit wiring diagrams are supplied with each generating set.
The generator set is load tested before dispatch. All protective devices, control functions are simulated and the generator and its systems checked, proved and then passed for dispatch. A test certificate is provided as standard.
Primer on all equipment. Final coat to manufactures standard.
The equipment meets the following standards: ISO3046, IEC34-1, ISO8528, AS1359, GB/T2820
All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of commissioning or 1000h running hour whichever occurs first.
Please see SDEC Warranty Statement for a full specification of terms. Extended warranty terms are available, for details please contact your local SDEC dealer.
Equipment must only be used in accordance with recommended operating practices and subject to any specified load limitations.
Shrink wrapped for export.
Specification and design subject to change without notice.

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