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SDEC Control Panel Modular System

MSA 501 (Standard)
Key Start series control panel features:
1.Start / Stop controller (Key Start)
2.Ampere meter / Voltmeter and selector switch / Frequency meter / Water temperature Battery voltage meter / Emergency stop pushbutton
3.Alarm System: Over speed High Engine Temperature / Low Oil Pressure / Charge Fail
4.Protection System: Over speed High Engine Temperature, Low Oil Pressure, Emergency Stop. And the other protection function pre-setting

MSA 704
Auto Start series control panel features:
Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) detection with generating set automatic starting-up / shutdown, automatic load control (need ATS), automatic crank disconnecting, parameters display, monitoring, and protection. Functions:
1.Automatic Start/Stop
2.3 start attempts and Automatic Crank Disconnect
3.Parameters display (V/A/Hz/Hour)
4.Engine monitoring and protection
5.Charge alternator exciting and Charge alternator fail alarm
6.Running hour counting
7.Settings can be adjustable via key buttons on front panel
8.Output Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

MSA 808
Parallel series control panel is well designed and has strong power. Besides the basic Gen-set remote function, a good deal of powerful functions is also provided: 32 Gen-sets synchronization of the sharing of active power and reactive power load per rata and Standard computer communication interface. Via PC or common telephone net remote dialing connection, we can supervise the multiple Gen-sets synchronizing system.

1.Manual and auto control of single Gen-set and output air switch
2.Wide LCD screen display:
Engine parameters: oil pressure / water temperature / battery voltage / run hours;
Generator parameters: phase voltage/wire voltage / frequency / power factor / active power / reactive power / degree;
Synchronizing parameters: parallel connected Mains bus voltage / Mains bus voltage / alternator voltage / frequency / potential difference.
3.Protect stop:
Low oil pressure / High temperature / Over speed / Over frequency / Lose of speed signal / Start fail / Over current / High / Low voltage / Back power / Differential protection;
4.Failure warning:
Charge fail / High temperature / Low oil pressure / Low battery voltage / Sensor failure
5.HISTORY record (like the black box)
6.Authorization control of Parameter settings
7.Convenient function extend