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Engines for Construction Machinery

    1. Wheel Loader, Scraping Machine SDEC is one of the most important loader power suppliers based in China. To date, the main engines for loaders of SDEC are the D9 and SC11CB (C6121) series.
    1. Road Roller, Road Machinery SDEC is an enterprise with the highest market share in the domestic road roller market. It has ranked No.1 for ten years successively in the domestic market, with market occupancy up to 80%.
    1. Automobile Crane, Hoisting Machinery SDEC is a power supplier with the widest application for automobile crane machinery based in China. For over a decade, its market share has been above 70%.
    1. Tractor After receiving a repair claim from a customer, technicians will be assigned within one hour and the customer will be informed of the arrangement in time: prime time on-site service.
    1. 121 Diesel Engine 121 Serial Diesel Engine, manufactured under world leading technology - 3300 Series product, is elaborately tailor-made to engineering machinery with a global possession number of over 1,000,000.
    1. 4114 Diesel Engine and 6114 Diesel Engine 4114 Diesel Engine developed on the basis of 6114 Diesel Engine expands the power coverage of 114 Serial Diesel Engine. Advanced in design and compact in structure, it is an ideal power for medium & light engineering machinery.
    1. D9 Diesel Engine On the basis of 6114 Diesel Engine, redesign the main components in an optimized way and follow the advantages of 6114 Diesel Engine, D9 Diesel Engine.
    1. G128 Diesel Engine This engine is improved in start, cooling, lubrication, air intake&filtration and air pumping systems, reconfigures transmission system, simplifies conduits, adapts to dusty and severe environment like plateau and desert.
    1. Shovel Loader SDEC is a China-based diesel engine manufacturer. In order to meet your various needs, we provide a wide variety of products such as diesel engines, Natural gas engines, and generators etc.
    1. Bulldozer To date, we have been awarded ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certification. Located in Shanghai, we have easy access to abundant labor and convenient sea transportation.
    1. Road Roller SDEC is a professional diesel engine manufacturer in China. We provide road roller use diesel engines, bulldozer use engines, and other diesel engines for engineering machinery.
    1. Land Scraper As a professional diesel engine manufacturer in China, SDEC provides high quality diesel engines for a range of engineering machinery, such as land scrapers, bulldozers, and road rollers.
    1. Others Crane-Use Diesel Engine Table
      Cement Pump Truck-Use Diesel Engine Table
      Compactor-Use Diesel Engine Table

SDEC has been devoted to manufacturing engines for the engineering machinery industry for nearly six decades. It is one of the strongest enterprises specializing in engine R&D and manufacturing. SDEC has been supplying professional engine kits to earthwork machinery, building machinery and road machinery equipment home and abroad. The first loader, first bulldozer and first road roller made by Chinese manufacturers were all equipped with SDEC engine products.

Application fields of SDEC's products in engineering machinery products are extensive, involving products such as loader, bulldozer, land leveler, crane, road roller, paver, tractor and various engineering machinery, with a power range of 100-350 horsepower, covering more than 70% of Chinese engineering machinery products. Since October 2008, China has implemented the national standard of "Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from diesel engines of non-road mobile machinery". The C and D series products of SDEC, engaged in the engineering machinery industry over a long period of time, all meet the requirements of Stage II emission standard of Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines of Non-Road Mobile Machinery of China. Our product can easily reach the Stage III emission standard. Its C and D series products conform to the EU Directive EEC97/68 and reach the non-road Stage III Level A standard.

SDEC will keep on supplying special power to engineering machinery products and will continue working on developing and producing more reliable, economical, environmentally friendly and effective engines available for engineering machinery products.