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    1. SD-SC Open Type Diesel Generator (69 - 900KVA) These generator sets are powered by H series diesel engines designed and produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. The generator sets are produced in 6 different models with a rated power range of 50-150 kW. Each genset is equipped with an automatic starting device and an optional ATS switch cabinet.
    1. SD-SC Silent Diesel Generator (69 - 900KVA) H series diesel generator sets are driven by our H series diesel engines, jointly designed by SDEC and UK based Ricardo. The engine itself is compact and covers a wide power range with high reliability and excellent fuel efficiency.
    1. Marine Diesel Generator (68 - 412KVA) The H series marine marathon generator set was developed by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. using the H series marine diesel engine to power the brushless excitation generator components. This gen-set is reliable, compact, and highly efficient.
    1. SME Diesel Generator (550 - 2000KVA) SME diesel generators produced by SDEC are powered by R series engines. These engines are characterized by their high power, large torque, fuel efficiency, and minimal noise output. Thanks to their maintenance-free battery ignition system, the generator sets can be started simply by filling the fuel and coolant tanks and flipping the power switch.

SDEC, founded in 1947, is a generator manufacturer and supplier in China. We have supplied superior generators and diesel engines to numerous customers around the world. Due to our consistent quality and dependable service, we have received ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 certification. We are located in Shanghai, which is a coastal city with convenient sea, land, and air transportation. This allows us to deliver our generators and engines quickly and cheaply.
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